Paletnifeclif's Miniature
Here you will enjoy the marvelous and
delightful works that are currently
created by the artist.  His passion for
color and texture are truly displayed in
these plein-air palette knife renditions of
the historical town of Fredericksburg,
Virginia where he has lived and worked
for the past twenty-nine years.  Clifford
Satterthwaite has become a well known
entity on street corners and sidewalks  as
he records  for posterity, the many
historical buildings and famous homes of
our heritage, along with vendors,
residents and of course the tourists.  If
you ever have a chance to visit the town
of Fredericksburg, you might be fortunate
enough to catch a glimpse of Cliff at
work.  Do make return visits to this site
as these paintings will be replaced from
time to time with many of the various
works the artist has to offer.
"Dahlgren Country Store"
Oil on Board 5 x 7
"Farmer's Market Pumpkins"
Oil on Board  6 1/4 x 10
"Awaiting Restoration"
Oil on Board 7 x 10
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