A Tribute To

C. Booth Farcus

Carlos Booth Farcus (1914 - 1997) was a close friend and
confidant to Cliff Satterthwaite.  Cliff met him in 1983, and from
that time on they became travelling artists.  They would drive as
far as 100 miles from Fredericksburg to enter an art competition.  
Farcus doodled a funny scene on the back of an envelope
containing a Christmas card (one of many Farcus created for Cliff)
of Farcus running frantically away from all the paperwork that
would consume them just to enter each event.  C. Booth was a
talented watercolor artist. Most of the work you will see in this
tribute will be  of Christmas cards Farcus created and sent to Cliff
for Christmas. All of them "one of a kind" made especially for Cliff
and many of them a whimsical characterization of Cliff as Farcus
saw him.
Enjoying an exhibition at Hurkamp Park in Fredericksburg, Cliff (far left) and
C. Booth (seated next to Cliff) discuss their passion as an on looker admires
their work on display.
Here, I believe, sums up Cliff's life in a nutshell, and how C. Booth Farcus made light
of Cliff's daily life. Ruby, Cliff's next door neighbor would sometimes bring a over  a
hot meal. Being a batchelor, it was probably the only hot meal of the day.  Cliff loves
nibbling on nuts, fruits and chocolate candy as he works. Christmas card 1991.
"Sugar Maple" is a wonderful example of the talent of C. Booth
Farcus as a watercolor artist.  A gift to Cliff in 1984
The "wonderful world of Cliff and company"
combines caricature and humor.
Christmas card l998.
"Hot Pork Soup" Christmas card 1995.
"Snow Deer" watercolor gifted to Cliff 1993.
"Cape Hatteras Seagulls" watercolor gifted to Cliff 1985.
"Ice Skating" Christmas card 1983.
We hope you have enjoyed  the wonderful talent and humor of  
watercolor artist  

Carlos Booth Farcus  
C. Booth created this watercolor for Nancy Rhoades 1996
C. Booth in the "Big City"
"Choir Boy Cliff"
"Fox in the Snow"
"Prancing Deer"
Another whimsical scenario of Cliff by C. Booth
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