Here you will enjoy some of the many
works by Clifford Satterthwaite during
the time when he lived and worked in
York, Pennsylvania and the early part of
his career as a resident of
Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Many of his
pieces depict not only historical
architecture and events, but the
beautiful countryside and its rich venue
of farm houses, barns, school houses,
farm animals, covered bridges, rivers,
the rolling hills of York and the national
parks near and around Fredericksburg.
These works shall be replaced with
more examples of Cliff's work as time
allows.  We hope that you will make a
return visit to our gallery.   
My First Home
York, PA
Private Collection
Wallick Family Farm
York, PA
Private Collection
"Embers for Baking"
George Washington's Birthplace
National Park
Private Collection
Cliff's Classics
"Hugh Mercer Apothecary Shoppe"
Caroline Street
Fredericksburg, Virginia
Plein-Air Acrylic on Canvas
Private Collection
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